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Asiatec Instruments services is a high technique enterprise established in 1996 It concentrates on sales and services all kind of digital weighing equipments like Laboratory use, micro and semi micro balance, analytical balance, precision balance, top loading balance, bench top balance and also industrial scales like digital platform scale in all sizes, floor scale, counting scales, price computing scales, crane scale,  various indicators, load cells, and different size of small and large sizes of weighbridge.

Repair & Callibrations

We offers scale repairs services of almost all weighing products. Our professionals have been trained to the highest levels according to their relevant job and are well-matched to bring out their work just according to the Company’s highest standards. Some of the major repair and maintenance services that we offer comprise maintenance, calibration, scale repairs and services of all types of weighbridges, Scales balances etc.

IT Solutions

AsiaTec Instruments are associated with an in-house software house Class Point Technology. Our software house offers the best IT solutions services with its creativity and technical brilliance in the field of IT. Universal Scales, with the cooperation and collaboration of its well reputed and famous software house Class Point Technology provide the best IT solutions to its clients.

We Deals in the following items


A weighbridge is used to weigh entire rail or road vehicles and their contents. The load carried by the vehicle is calculated by weighing the vehicle both empty and loaded.

pH Meter

pH meter is an instrument used to measure acidity or alkalinity of a solution - also know as pH. pH is the unit of measure that describes the degree of acidity or alkalinity.

Weighing Balances

An accurate and reliable weighing system plays a very significant role in the progress of industrial and commercial business activities. Backed by industrial experience of 25 years. Our product range is so wide that it covers all the areas of weighing requirements from 0.1mg (0.001g) of laboratory use to 200 metric ton of Tensil, Truck and industrial use.

Load Cells

A load cell measures mechanical force, mainly the weight of objects. Today, almost all electronic weighing scales use load cells because of the accuracy with which they can measure weight.

GSM Cutter

The GSM Cutter is a textile testing machine that uses a weighing scale and a GSM pad to determine fabric GSM. This fabric sample cutter helps to evaluate the product quality by cutting the specimen in a circular shape. If the specimen will be cut precisely, then you will be able to get highly accurate testing results.

Platform Scale

A platform scale – or what is sometimes called a weighing scale – is a weighing machine that comes equipped with its platform to hold and weigh heavier objects that more mainstream scales aren't equipped to manage

Why AsiaTec Instruments (ATI) ?

We offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge instruments designed to empower scientists, researchers, and educators. With meticulous craftsmanship, exceptional performance, and seamless integration, our instruments ensure accurate and reliable results. Join the ranks of renowned institutions and unlock the future of scientific discovery with our exceptional products. Choose us and elevate your research to new heights today!

Precision Balance

Precision balances are used in the medical, pharmaceutical fields, where their higher readability and capacity is helpful for weighing test samples, equipment and chemicals, including blood packs medicines.

Weight Box

Weight Box are used for testing and calibration of Weighing Balances and Weighing Scales. Each Weight Box consists of Milligram weights ranging from 1 mg to 500 mg.

Junction Box

Asiatec Instrument Services Junction boxes offer an edge and moderate in simplifying load cell management. Junction box is required for properly managing multi load cell devices.

Process/System Controllers

Asiatec Instruments Services is a trusted source for the most advanced weighing indicators and process controllers from famous and reliable brands. We are offering all types of weighing indicators who are capable enough to perform well in all important basic functions to highly complex automation system.

What You Get ?

With our company, you can expect exceptional customer service and support throughout your entire journey. From expert guidance in selecting the right instruments for your needs to seamless installation and ongoing assistance, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and success in every aspect of your experience with us.

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