Filteration & Seperation


A laboratory centrifuge is a rotor driven instrument designed to separate liquid samples at high rates of speeds. The rotation of the centrifuge induces centripetal acceleration and separates substances based on density.

Filter Holder

A Membrane Filter Holder Assembly is a laboratory apparatus used for the filtration of liquids or gases. It consists of a filter holder and support for a membrane filter, which is placed between the two. The filter holder is typically made of plastic or metal and holds the filter in place during filtration.

Rotary Evaporator

A rotary evaporator (sometimes abbreviated to rotavap) is a piece of equipment primarily used to remove solvent from a sample through “evaporation under reduced pressure”. The presence of reduced pressure in the apparatus causes the solvent (in the round bottom flask) to boil at a lower temperature than normal.


Laboratory manifold, a Pall Life Sciences product, allows you to optimize testing without sacrificing cleanliness with interchangeable components and coupling devices. No more “dirty” manifolds: Microbial cross contamination of your sample is a thing of the past.

Extraction Thimbles

Product designed to hold the sample being analyzed or extracted as part of an extraction unit; available in cellulose, glass, glass and quartz microfiber, and others. Cellulose (77) Borosilicate Glass (22)

Vacuum Meter Piza

A vacuum gauge helps measure pressure. The pressure it reads is the pressure in the actual vacuum. Pressure in a vacuum can differ from atmospheric pressure. You can find vacuum gauges in air pumps, compressors, and other mechanical setups

Vacuum Filtration Systems

A vacuum filtration system is a laboratory setup used to separate solid particles from a liquid or gas. It consists of a pump that creates a vacuum, a filter flask, a filter funnel, and a filter medium.

Suction System

Laboratory vacuum systems refer to two different types of technologies: systems that provide vacuum to multiple workstations in a laboratory, and systems that provide enough suction to operate Pasteur pipettes, or to move assays through multiple channels.

Universal Suction

In summary, the universal pipette suction head has multiple advantages, making it a popular choice for laboratories

Microplate Manifold

WelVac Microplate Vacuum Manifold is a great alternative of traditional centrifuge separation methods. It simplifies purification process of plasmid DNA, single-stranded phage DNA, RNA, genomic DNA, viral nucleic acids from PCR and enzymatic reactions using only vacuum sources.

Circulator Whr

Lab circulators, common in life science research, drug discovery, material testing, wafer production, and wet chemistry, are used to cool or chill samples


Laboratory chillers, or lab chillers, are used to lower temperatures and provide cooling for scientific experiments, research, and the accumulation of academic data. They function like other chillers by removing heat using a cooling vapor or compressor cycle.

Mass Comparators

A mass comparator is a type of balance used to determine mass differences between a test mass and a known reference mass. Many larger models are designed to manage your entire calibration process—from the moment an order is placed to the completion of the calibration certificate.

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