Environmental Testing


an instrument for measuring the intensity of light.

Photometric Tests

Photometric tests provide the measurement of quantity, colour, quality and spatial distribution of light emitted by lamps, and lights. Our photometric tests also provide other data of interest such as luminous flux, electrical consumption, colour temperature and colour rendering index, among others.

Heating blocks

A heat block, otherwise known as a dry bath incubator, is a microprocessor-controlled heating block with heater technology. It's a safe and convenient tool used to heat samples in flasks, tube, and vials, which is ideal for obtaining consistent results and precise temperature stability.

Reagent Cases

Reagent cases – Mobile mini‑labs MACHEREY‑NAGEL reagent cases are compact laboratories for mobile analysis. We offer pre‑packed cases equipped with tests and accessories tailored for special applications, like soil analysis or aquaculture.

Analytical Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the system of verification that the whole process of analytical testing is within acceptable limits. Quality Control includes the processes and procedures established to ensure efficient accurate results are achieved and to measure any non-conformance.

Micobiological Analysis

Microbiology equipment include microscopes; slides; test tubes; petri dishes; growth mediums, both solid and liquid; inoculation loops; pipettes and tips; incubators; autoclaves, and laminar flow hoods.

Visual test kits – Colorimetric and titrimetric test kits

Visual test kits – Colorimetric and titrimetric test kits Visual test kits can be evaluated by eye, without further equipment. They are divided into colorimetric test kits, which are compared to a color chart, and titrimetric test kits, where the amount of used reagent is related to the measured value.

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